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So not the drama

For the fans of the Kim Possible cartoon
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This is a Kim Possible community. It isn't the first, but what's another one going to do? In here, you can make icons, fan fiction, whatever.


1) Only join if you are a fan of Kim Possible or anything else with the show.
2)Disagreeing with someone's opinions is okay, but please don't insult them. That's just immature and...well, mean.
3) You may advertise, if it has something to do with Kim Possible or anything else Disney, but don't make all posts ads.
4) Put spoilers, icons, fan fictions, and big images under an LJ-cut.
5) pLesE don"T wRIte lYke ThiS. It gets annoying after a while.
6) Any bashing of the show,pairings, etc., is not allowed.

Now have a nice time here! ^-^

This is moderated by lady_duchess.